SO-50 yet another QSO

That time i would like to show you the real nice QSOs made in January.

Arrow Antenna + Yaesu FT-1D Radio + Magnetic Compass + S0-50 satellite – do the trick.

  • EU4CK – Schuchin City, Grodno Region, Belarus
  • UR5QSS – Zaporozhie, Ukraine
  • UA9FFF – Perm’, Russia
  • R3THA – Pavlovo, Russia

You guys Rock! Thanks! 73!

Thanks to EW1ADF for your valuable help.


Follow Your Dreams

Hello Marja, Ulrike, Monika and Marina!

I am happy to see you on that page. Please have a look on the collection Below.
The images will open in a new window and display the full resolution scanned image.

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Parker Solar Probe

Летим вместе к Солнцу? До 27го Апреля у Вас есть шанс записать свое имя на микрочип Зонда,
который полетит к нашей Звезде.